A new booklet tracing the history of the ABCD program, from its beginning in 2001 to the recent launch of the Sudanese translation, has been released by the Parenting Research Centre.


Since its development, the ABCD program has offered support to more than 5000 families across Victoria. This unique program has been delivered to parents in nine community languages by around 200 professional facilitators trained by the Parenting Research Centre (PRC).


The significant level of demand for the ABCD program indicates just how many parents in our community are looking for reliable, evidence-based information about parenting young adolescents.

Parental satisfaction with the program has been extremely high, with over 90 per cent of parents who have attended reporting that they enjoyed the program and found it helpful in improving their child’s behaviour.

This new publication details the many achievements of the program and how it has helped thousands of families navigate their way through the often turbulent teenage years.

To order a hard copy contact the Parenting Research Centre on 03 8660 3500.


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