The ABCD program includes an extensive range of articles to help you solve problems you're facing with your child. The articles cover issues that parents of teenagers commonly seek advice about, and they are all based on research into child and adolescent development. Some of the articles have been translated into community languages.

These resources will help you manage the problems you are facing with your child. They fall into four categories:

Common problems: Advice on problems that most parents of teenagers face, including how to deal with the physical changes in teenagers, giving teenagers more responsibility and understanding parent traps.

Ideas for parents: Parenting strategies and techniques, including practical information on communicating with teenagers, and strategies for dealing with high-risk situations, such as drug and alcohol use, parties and relationships.

Support for parents: Understanding and dealing with your own feelings, ways to look after yourself and making sure you get the support you need.

Alcohol and other drugs: Practical advice on how to discuss drug-related issues with your teenager and where to get support if you're having trouble.


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ABCD Program

Resources in your language

A selection of topics from ABCD parenting resources have been translated into the following languages:

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