You can use the parenting resources as a self-guided program to strengthen your relationship with your teenage child and learn strategies for dealing with behaviour. Here is a suggested sequence to read the resources:

1. Understanding your adolescent
2. Parenting traps
3. Conflict
4. Connecting with your teenager
5. Acceptance
6. Communicating with your teenager
7. Decision-making and responsibility (part one)
8. Decision-making and responsibility (part two)
9. Problem-solving
10. Setting limits
11. Monitoring your teenager
12. Dealing with setbacks

Or you can just choose the topics that are relevant to you. Browse the full list and choose topics that suit your needs.

You can supplement the information in the parent resources by doing an ABCD course. These courses teach practical ways to raise your teenage child. To find a trained facilitator who can deliver the ABCD program contact a coordinator in your region.


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ABCD Program

Resources in your language

A selection of topics from ABCD parenting resources have been translated into the following languages:

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