What is ABCD?

ABCD is a program that equips parents with communication skills, parenting practices, information and strategies to help them build positive, trusting relationships with their young adolescent children. It also helps parents prevent their children from engaging in high-risk activities such as drug use.

What topics does ABCD cover?

The two formats of the ABCD parent - ABCD and ABCDPlus - cover the following material:

  • understanding your teenager
  • improving communication
  • negotiating boundaries
  • solving problems together
  • setting limits
  • dealing with risky behaviour
  • looking after yourself.

How do the parent groups run?

ABCD parent groups are interactive and the facilitators encourage discussion and interaction from the parents in the group.

What is the difference between ABCD and ABCDPlus?

ABCD consists of 4 x 2½ hour sessions. ABCDPlus consists of 6 x 2 hour sessions and is ideal for parents who require further information or assistance with their adolescents due to existing conflict or other difficult issues.

In both formats, a trained facilitator works with parents to offer opportunities to discuss and practise ideas and strategies that build strong relationships between parents and adolescents and that assist parents to prevent or manage difficult issues. The groups have up to 15 parents and are usually conducted in accessible community settings such as schools.

How long does a parent program go for?

ABCD runs for 2 ½ hours x 4 sessions and ABCDPlus runs for 2 hours x 6 sessions.

Where can parents find more support after the courses finish?

There are many avenues where parents can find extra support. Some ABCD group facilitators work for agencies that may be able to offer extra support to parents of teenagers. Parents can ask their group facilitator for more information. Parents can also seek professional help or look for other services in links.

Is ABCD only for parents who have really serious problems with their adolescents?

ABCD is a preventative program. It aims to establish positive relationships before serious problems arise; however, parents who have been experiencing more serious problems have reported some benefits from attending an ABCD group.

How big are the groups?

Groups have up to 15 people.


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