ABCD: Parenting young adolescents is a program for parents of children who are about to enter their teenage years. ABCD helps parents understand the challenges their children face as they negotiate this critical period in their lives.

The ABCD program offers strategies and ideas to help you learn new skills and build confidence in raising your adolescent. All ABCD information is designed to help you understand your own approach to parenting and to come up with solutions to any particular problems you are facing. The program is delivered by a trained facilitator working with small groups of parents. Read more about the ABCD approach.

The ABCD program helps you work out ways to strengthen your relationship with your child. You can also learn strategies to deal with difficult issues such as parties, alcohol and drugs, and dating. Parents can choose from two program formats:

  • ABCD (4 sessions)
  • ABCDPlus (6 sessions).

Read more about the ABCD program formats.

Looking for a program?

The ABCD program is currently run from time to time by different agencies mainly throughout Victoria and occasionally in some other states. To find out whether there is an organisation offering the ABCD program in your area, check our provider map, or contact your Regional Parenting Service.


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ABCD Program

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